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Carpets and microchannels

Cells of Serratia marcescens adhere to a nonpolar surface and propel the adjacent fluid. If the surface is of a polystyrene latex bead or a small chip of a sheet of PDMS, the cells propel the bead or the chip. Isolated cells of E. coli move over a surface in right-hand spirals (when viewed from above the surface). When constrained by a microchannel over agar, the cells prefer to swim next to the agar.

Movies, bacterial carpets.

Visualization of flagella of cells of S. marcescens adsorbed to a PDMS surface.

Movement of 1 µm beads close to this surface.

Movement of 1 µm beads farther away.

Translation of a 10 µm latex bead driven by S. marcescens.

Translation of a rectangular chip of PDMS (a car, about 100 µm long).

Rotation of a triangular chip of PDMS tethered at one vertex (a wedge, about 50 µm long).

Movies, cells in microchannels.

Movement of cells of E. coli over agar at the right-hand-side of a PDMS 10 µm microchannel.

Movement of cells of E. coli over agar at the right-hand-side of a PDMS 3 µm microchannel.


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