Movies of swimming motility

Escherichia coli

Rhodobacter sphaeroides


Movies of swarming motility

Escherichia coli swarm

Salmonella typhmurium swarm

Serratia marcescens swarm

Movies of gliding motility


Mycoplasma mobile

Flavobacterium johnsoniae

Movies of Twitching motility

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Tethered bacteria

Escherichia coli patterns

Carpets and microchannels

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Marvels of Bacterial Behavior - History & Physics of Bacterial Motion

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Swimming Escherichia coli

Most of these movies were made of fluorescently-labeled cells with strobed laser illumination, using an ordinary CCD camera at 60 Hz, as described by Turner et al. (2000). However, the playback speeds vary. Others were made of fluorescently labeled cells at 500 Hz, without the strobe. Movies in phase contrast used tungsten-halogen illumination and an ordinary CCD camera. These cells where grown on T-broth. They are about 1 µm in diameter by 2 µm long and swim at about 30 µm/s. For more information, see the project Swimming with fluorescent flagella.

Movies, cells in fluorescence

Fluorescent filaments on a stuck cell

Fluorescent filament leaving bundle

Fluorescent cells near the slide

Fluorescent semi-coiled bundle

Fluorescent curly 1 bundle

Fluorescent bundles

Fluorescent bundles, 500 Hz

Movies, cells in phase contrast

Cells near the slide, then above the slide


Turner, L., Ryu, W.S. and Berg, H.C. Real-time imaging of fluorescent flagellar filaments. J. Bacteriol. 182, 2793-2801 (2000).