Howard Berg

Karen Fahrner

Basarab Gabriel Hosu

Thibault Roland

Abhishek Shrivastava

Linda Turner Stern

Navish Wadhwa

Rowland Institute         Harvard University

Abhishek Shrivastava

Postdoctoral Fellow

Harvard University
Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Harvard Bio Labs
16 Divinity Avenue, Room 3063
Cambridge, MA 02138

Phone: 617-495-4217, Fax: 617-496-1114

Selected Publications

Cargo transport shapes the spatial organization of a microbial community. Shrivastava A., Patel V., Tang Y., Yost S.C., Dewhirst F.E., and Berg H.C. Proc Natl Acad Sci, August 115(34) 8633-8638 (2018)

A molecular rack and pinion actuates a cell-surface adhesin and enables gliding motility. Shrivastava A. and Berg H. C. Manuscript available on BioRxiv

Untangling Flavobacterium johnsoniae gliding motility and protein secretion. Johnston J.J., Shrivastava A., and McBride M.J. Journal of Bacteriology. January 200, no.2 e00362-17. (2018)

The screw-like movement of a gliding bacterium is powered by spiral motion of a cell-surface adhesin. Shrivastava A., Roland T., Berg H. C. Biophysical Journal. September, 111(5): 1008-13. (2016)

The flagellar motor of Caulobacter crescentus generates more torque when a cell swims backward. Lele, P.P., Roland, T., Shrivastava, A., Chen, Y., and Berg, H.C. Nature Phys 12: 175-178 (2016).

Towards a model for Flavobacterium gliding. Shrivastava A, and Berg, Howard C. Current Opinions in Microbiology, October 28, 93-97 (2015)

Response thresholds in bacterial chemotaxis. Lele P. P., Shrivastava A, Roland T. R. and Berg H.C. Science Advances, October vol. 1 (9) e1500299 (2015)

A rotary motor drives Flavobacterium gliding. Shrivastava A, Lele P. P. and Berg H. C. Current Biology, February vol. 25 (3) 338-341 (2015) Featured in: Harvard Gazette, MCB News, and

Flavobacterium johnsoniae GldK, GldL, GldM, and SprA are required for secretion of the cell-surface gliding motility adhesins SprB and RemA. Shrivastava A, Johnston J. J., van Baaren J. M. and McBride M. J., Journal of Bacteriology July vol. 195 (14) 3201-3212 (2013)

Flavobacterium johnsoniae RemA is a mobile cell surface lectin involved in gliding. Shrivastava A, Rhodes R.G., Nakane D, Pochiraju S and McBride M.J. Journal of Bacteriology, July vol. 194 (14) 3678-3688 (2012)

Flavobacterium johnsoniae gldN and gldO are partially redundant genes required for gliding motility and surface localization of SprB. Rhodes R.G., Samarasan M.N., Shrivastava A, van Barren J.M., Pochiraju S, Bolampalli S and McBride M.J. Journal of Bacteriology, March vol. 192 (5) 1201-1211 (2010)