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Laboratory of Biophysical Chemistry

Our laboratory works on problems related to the physical basis for the biological activity of proteins. Broadly, this includes their structure, dynamics, stability, and interactions with other molecules. Some specific questions we are interested in include
  • The relationship of the dynamics of a binding loop, in a protein that acts as a neurotoxin by binding to the acetylcholine receptor, to its biological activity.
  • The role played by various forces in determining the stability, and conformational changes, of the hormone Prolactin.
  • The nature of protein-water interactions, especially their contribution to protein stability.

We employ a variety of physical and computational methods, including nuclear magnetic resonance, circular dichroism, fluoresence, and ultraviolet/visible absorption spectroscopies, measurements of water activity, modern spectrum analysis, and molecular dynamics simulations.

LSIII, a neurotoxin
Human Prolactin
NMR Data Processing
Macromolecular structure calculations

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