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John Osterhout
Sunita Kulkarni


Peptide Dissection

Group Alumni

Youcef Fezoui
Marcela Oslin
Tanya Knubovets
Diane Schaak
Wujing Xian

The primary interest of our group is the study of protein folding as a means to uderstanding the relationships among sequence, structure, stability and folding kinetics and as a way to further our ability to accomplish de novo protein design. Our approach has been to design, de novo, a helical hairpin peptide, alpha-t-alpha, to use as a model system for folding intermediates at the level of secondary structure association and as a test bed for de novo protein design. Most of the reseach in our group focuses on studying the physical properties of our model system, on redesigning alpha-t-alpha to investigate specific questions related to protien design or on cloning and expression of the molecule.

Research interests:

  • Design, structure and stability of alpha-t-alpha.
  • Stabilization of helices by association.
  • Hydrogen exchange as a tool to examine stability and conformation in peptides and proteins, particularly in strange environments.
Peptide Dissection
H/D Exchange

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