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Photomedicine and Photobiology


Louis Cincotta

Our primary research objective continues to be the development of drugs for the photodynamic treatment of neoplasms. When we entered the field of photodynamic therapy (PDT) research there were few systematic efforts to develop drugs from classes of compounds other than those belonging to the porphyrin family. This remains true today. Our research is based on the premise that any effort to extend and/or improve the applicability of PDT would require the use of photosensitizers that had inherently different physicochemical and pharmacological properties from the porphyrins. The uniqueness of the benzophenoxazine drugs has allowed us to successfully minimize several of the limitations encountered with the use of porphyrins for PDT. Our ability to perform all aspects of drug development i.e. design, synthesis, and in vitro/in vivo PDT allows us to alter the properties of the drugs "on the fly" as we learn new information. This is an advantage that is rarely available to others in the field.

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