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    Postdoctoral Researchers
  • Currently the lab does not have funding for an additional Postdoc.
    • Graduate Students
  • PhD students can conduct research at Rowland when his or her adviser and Rowland Junior Fellow can co-advise. Send your research intrests to Claire and we can discuss further.
    • Undergraduate Students
  • Motivated undergraduate students are always welcome in our group. Research activity can be conducted for course credits for students at Harvard University. For those who seek summer internships, fundings can be available through Research Experience for Undergraduates Program.
  • News

  • Claire presented at Portland State University.
  • Claire presented at netScientific Workshop.
  • Claire presented at Biotec Forum.
  • The drug screening paper is published at Analytical Chemistry.
  • Dwayne's paper is published at JoVE.
  • Claire presented at USC.
  • Claire presented at Stanford University.
  • Claire presented at the Workshop for Micro- and Nanotechnology for medicine.
  • Annie joined the lab!
  • Chris joined the lab!
  • Kahlen joined the lab!
  • Claire presented at Brown University.
  • Claire attended DFD 2013.
  • Claire presented at Rising Stars in EECS.

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