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Current Members

SJ Claire Hur

Principal Investigator

(617) 497-4713

hur AT

Previous: PhD at UCLA


Kahlen M. X. Ouyang

Postdoctoral Researcher

(617) 497-4646

ouyang AT

Previous: Postdoc at City University of Hong Kong


Chris H. Chu

Research Assistant

(617) 497-4646

chu AT

Previous: Student Researcher at Seattle Pacific University


Annie Stephenson Summer Student for REU 2014
Current: Undergraduate student at University of Notre Dame

Dwayne Vickers, PhD Postdoctoral Researcher (2012/2013)
Current: Postdoctoral Researcher at Broad Institute

Harrison Samuel Ewan Summer Student for REU 2013
Current: Graduate student at Purdue University
Hoyoung Yun, PhD Postdoctoral Researcher (2011/2012)

Brandon Wilson Summer Student for REU 2012
Undergraduate student at University of Rochester

Microfluidic Biophysics Lab, Spring 2015


From left to right: Chris, Dr. Burns, Prof. Stone, Claire, and Kahlen



Institute Scientists

Diane Linda Stokes

Diane Schaak, PhD

Staff Scientist

(617) 497-4666

schaak AT

more info

Linda Turner Stern

Staff Scientist

(617) 497-4658

turner AT

more info

Chris Stokes

Associate Engineer

(617) 497-4635

stokes AT

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Rowland Junior Fellows, 2015 [More info about RJF]


From left to right: Robert, Alessandra, Ethan, Alvaro, Claire, Drew, Jen and Qimin

Academic Collaborators

Industrial Partners

  • Prof. Wook Park at KHU.
  • Vortex Biosciences, Inc



    We are currently seeking more collaborators. Please feel free to contact Claire for detail.


  • Claire presented at Portland State University.
  • Claire presented at netScientific Workshop.
  • Claire presented at Biotec Forum.
  • The drug screening paper is published at Analytical Chemistry.
  • Dwayne's paper is published at JoVE.
  • Claire presented at USC.
  • Claire presented at Stanford University.
  • Claire presented at the Workshop for Micro- and Nanotechnology for medicine.
  • Annie joined the lab!
  • Chris joined the lab!
  • Kahlen joined the lab!
  • Claire presented at Brown University.
  • Claire attended DFD 2013.
  • Claire presented at Rising Stars in EECS.

  •