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Our current interests include quantum engineering based on superfluidity and superconductivity, multifunctional artificial materials & devices, inertial sensing technologies, matter wave interferometry, heat transport through hybrid solids, and force/displacement sensing limits. With disregard for presumed boundaries between physics, applied physics, material science and engineering, we explore projects that often require stepping out of our comfort zones and inventing new sets of tools. We thrive to make our laboratory a place with far-ranging interests driven by curiosity, where creativity dictates and interdisciplinary investigations and cross-fertilization are the norms.

Please see our research page for some ongoing projects.

Applied Matter & Devices Group

Rowland Junior Fellows Program

The Rowland Institute at Harvard was originally founded by Edwin H. Land as the Rowland Institute for Science, a basic research organization, conceived to advance science in a wide variety of fields. The Rowland Junior Fellows Program lies at the heart of the Institute: a program dedicated to provide young scientists the opportunity to perform independent experimental research for five years with full institutional support and access to the Institute's outstanding technical scientific resources.

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