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Whispering Gallery Mode Biosensor - Vollmer Lab


Frank Vollmer, PI

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Biofunctional Photonics


Microcavity Biosensor

Protein detection by optical shift
of a resonant microsphere.[pdf]

DNA Detection Microcavity

Multiplex DNA detection with two
microsphere cavities.[pdf]

Microcavity Biosensor

Biophotonics International,
October 2003.[pdf]

Nature - Protein Detection from Optical Shift of Microcavity

Nature Comment,
In brief: whisper detection. [pdf]

Microcavity Detects Molecular Conformation

Laser Focus World March 2007:
“Bacteriorhodopsin optically
switches near-IR light” [pdf]

Anderson Localization

Poster New England Mesoscopic Systems Workshop October 2008 [pdf]

Single Molecule Detection Microcavity

Single Molecule Detection
with Toroid Microcavity

Photonic Atom Sensors Inc.

Photonic Atom Sensors Inc.